Rescue means different things to different people. To me rescue is saving someone or something from a bad situation. I have rescued things, people and animals since I can remember.  I will always fight for the voiceless no matter what that means. Having a nonprofit organization that helps street and shelter animals is rewarding and exhausting.  Heavens Helpers Pet Rescue is a Dallas area based rescue group that saves, rehabilitates and adopts out unwanted and abused dogs and cats.

Of course I have days I want to give up, so much heartbreak. We won't ever stop because too many animals need us. We sometimes suffer from compassion fatigue....yes, that's a thing! Ha-ha! It takes a strong conviction to do this 24/7. I hope by starting a blog, I can bring awareness to the enormous need for funding through  donations. We only run with the help of volunteers and donations, private and corporate. I will be blogging funny stories and sad as well. There will be blogs about heartbreak and happy adoption stories too! I hope you will begin to follow this blog and can help me share it and educate people on the dire need for foster homes and donors. We cannot help if people do not reach out and give their homes, time or by donating directly to us or our veterinary offices.

I always say, I love animals more than most humans. I really mean this. Animals never judge or complain, they love with their whole hearts and never let you down. Stay tuned for more blogs and pictures of local animals needing wonderful Furr-ever homes. You can donate and visit our website at