Realize Rowlett 2020 is the name of the City's Comprehensive Plan to develop the area. There were no updated plans for over 10 years until this! Phase II was about implementing the vision and led to the adoption of new zoning regulations in four key areas to ensure the vision for these areas was realized! Phase II was needed as the Realize Rowlett 2020 provides guidelines but not enforceable development regulations.

On November 5, 2013, the City Council authorized the North Shore Planning Initiative.  The Consultant Team for this initiative is led by Jacobs and includes Ricker-Cunningham, Townscape, Inc. and Kimley Horn. The consultants will work with the City staff and the community to create a master plan for the North Shore.  

Stay tuned as we continue on this journey to carry out the community's vision established in the Realize Rowlett 2020 Comprehensive Plan!